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Buddleja ´Silver Anniversary´

Buddleja 'Morning Mist' (selling name Silver Anniversary™) is a sterile hybrid cultivar raised in 1994 by Peter Moore, Chief Propagator at the Longstock Park Nursery in Hampshire, England, and patented in the USA in 2007. The cultivar is the result of a crossing of Buddleja crispa and Buddleja loricata.
Silver Anniversary makes a compact shrub max 2 m high, bearing very silvery pubescent evergreen foliage; the inflorescences are not so striking, comprising small fragrant panicles of 50 - 60 whitish flowers with mustard yellow eyes.

Cena: 149 Kč
Barva: Zeleno stříbrná


budleja, buddlea

Barva květu: Bílá
Velikost: 20-40cm
Velikost kontejneru: 3L
Skladem: ne