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Buddleja davidii ´Nanho Blue´

´Nanho Blue´ is a butterfly bush cultivar which features mauve-blue flowers. It is a deciduous shrub with an arching, spreading habit which typically grows to 5-10' tall if not cut back in late winter and 3-5' tall if cut back. Features spike-like terminal clusters (to 10" long) of dark mauve flowers which bloom from June to September and sometimes to first frost. Flowers are fragrant, and, as the common name suggests, very attractive to butterflies. Willowy gray-green foliage. Popular fresh cut flower.
Cena: 119 Kč
Barva: Zelená
Barva květu: Modrá
Velikost: 40-60cm
Velikost kontejneru: 2L
Skladem: ne
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